Offrisk’s Business Continuity Plans for Biotech, Biopharmaceutical and Life Sciences organisations encompass effective responses to risks from clinical and biological to reputational.

For example, our clients have used plans developed with Offrisk to manage their approach to successive, national foot and mouth crises and have plans covering the complex range of services to be recovered, taking full account of exacting hygiene requirements and the need to ensure valuable research and / or manufacturing activities can continue.

Our continuity plans cover laboratory and clean room environments and consider the requirement for cGMP compliance throughout the period of interruption.  In these areas, making the wrong decision under pressure can derail months of effort.

In addition we help organisations in the Life Sciences sector to identify, evaluate and quantify the risks they face across their manufacturing / research operations and to select the kind of targeted, proactive mitigation strategies that demanding customers and regulators are coming to expect. 

In the Life Sciences sector, we undertake Risk Management to ensure the success of your continuing operations including your commercial viability, your compliance and your protection of physical and intellectual assets.  Offrisk is helping to keep the lifeblood of the Life Sciences industries flowing.

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