Food & Drink

Offrisk has worked extensively with some of Scotland’s and the world’s best-known brands.

In doing so, Offrisk has helped to develop comprehensive and robust product integrity (recall or replacement) plans for foodstuffs and bottled alcoholic beverages ensuring an array of stakeholders including press and media, the Food Standards Agency, the British Retail Consortium and shareholders are managed effectively to prevent a recall exercise turning into a crisis for the brand or its customers.

Offrisk’s Business Continuity Plans are currently in use covering factory environments, visitor centres, distilleries, marketing, distribution, bonded warehousing and shipping facilities across the UK and covering escalation to head office departments in continental Europe.

Offrisk is pleased to be regularly involved in multi-agency exercises where, for example, production facilities fall under the COMAH Regulations (1999) and a coordinated response to fire, flood or any other cause of spill is required across blue light services and Local Authorities.

Food & Drink Clients:
William Grant and Sons

T: 0141 563 9747