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Aspire Concepts

Aspire Concepts provides our graphic design for promotional materials as well as web design services. Aspire Concepts works with clients from a range of backgrounds throughout Scotland.

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) promotes the understanding and implementation of business continuity plans and processes.

The Broadcasting Business helps organisations to get their message  across effectively.  The Broadcasting Business works with Offrisk to train and develop clients' press-handling skills and to simulate the pressure of press and media interest during Business Continuity rehearsals.

Institute of Risk Management

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) promotes good risk management to business and public sector organisations worldwide. The Institute operates training and qualification programmes including the internationally-recognised Risk Management Diploma and provides regional interest groups and an annual Risk Forum event in the UK.


Offrisk works in partnership with InterSys, provider of SCAIR supply chain risk analysis software to provide clients with valuable information on, for example, dependencies between product lines and suppliers and the cumulative risk that a single source of supply presents to the process.

The Scottish Continuity Group promotes shared best practice among business continuity practitioners in Scotland and hosts various forums and city recovery events at locations across the country.



ZEAL Group is a leading edge consulting practice providing a range of consulting services across multiple industry sectors. Zeal helps organisations to deliver better business performance, by aligning leadership styles and processes with their strategy, by managing Safety and Risk governance processes effectively and by designing and implementing global sustainability strategies.

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